Step by Step Measuring Tips for Arm Garments

Measure circumference starting at:







Mid Joint of Fingers

Length From Elbow
to Fingertips (8) ***

Length of Arm from
Axilla to Fingertips


*** (8)This measurement is only necessary when measuring for a Custom Arm Garment.
PLEASE NOTE: We made measuring for your patient a little bit easier. We have coordinated our
Upper and Lower Extremity Order Form to follow the step by step instructions listed above.

Short Cuts to Measuring

  1. Measure full length of arm. (See #9)
  2. Look at arm. Measure circumference of any large area or area of concern for using the pump.
  3. On the Bio Spec Sheet, find the length closest to your patient’s measurements – remember
    that the fingertips MUST be inside the Garment. Now look at the circumferences. As long
    as your patient is smaller than the sizing we give for the Garment, the Garment will fit. Almost
    all of our patients fit into our standard arm Garments
  4. If you have any doubts or questions, please call Customer Service at (800) 888-0908 or