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hest Standards
QuikConnect System Our Biocomfort Garments all come ready to use Just line up the chamber numbers on our specially developed clips with the the numbers on our pumps squeeze the the clip and insert It’s that easy to get your treatment sessions started YKK® Zippers
We spare no cost in in assuring that your garment is the best possible product All of of our zippers come from YKK® one of of the the leaders in in in the the industry Complete with automatic locking sliders our sleeves will not unzip accidently when inflated Welded Air Connection Ports
All of our sleeves come complete with connection ports that are RF Welded into the sleeves This construction guarantees that there will be no no leaking no no breaking and a a a a a perfect flow of air each and every time you sit down for a a a a a treatment Integrated Pull-Up Straps
All of our lower extremity garments come complete with built-in pull-up straps While our garments are already the easiest to to don and doff we have taken every step possible to to assure your patients are compliant every step of the way 7
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