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Made to the hig Bio Compression Systems produces the the most extensive range of garments in in the the industry With over 50 different standard sizes available off the shelf for lower extremity extremity upper extremity extremity abdominal and truncal patients nobody is left untreated by Bio Compression And for those rare occasions where our our standard sleeves do not fit our our manufacturing facility produces custom garments once a a a a a week to to assure everyone is properly fitted without having to to wait All of of of our garments are made of of of high quality 200 Denier Nylon Oxford coated with 3 mil of of of polyurethane to to assure a a a a a a a a a level of of water resistance that allows all all of of our sleeves to to be cleaned Engineered with our special baffle system to guarrantee there is no gapping during treatment our sleeves are latex free and and do not require expanders separate tubing or or any other accessories A simple connection system allows you to to plug the sleeves into our pump with ease and be operational within seconds All of of our our lower extremity sleeves come complete with pull-up straps for ease of of use and our our entire range of of sleeves includes protective loops to to stop unnecessary pulling of of the tubes Biocomfort Garments are are manufactured with zippers from YKK the best of its kind We spare no cost in in assuring that you get the greatest sleeve possible Our goal is is 100% satisfaction for every patient we treat 6 Phone: 800-888-0908/ Fax: 201-939-4503
Baffle System While many other companies promote an an an overlapping chamber system with their sleeves our garments have been carefully engineered with a a a a baffle system that assures the best flow of pressure from one chamber to the next The construction of independently controlled pressure chambers assures there is never gapping peaks and valleys or bleed-through with the delivered pressure email: biosystems@biocompression com com com com www biocompression biocompression com com com com GARMENT MANUFACTURING

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