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DVT Treatment
Bilateral Foot
DVT Garments
Calf Calf and Calf Calf & Thigh
Bilateral Calf & Thigh
• Our DVT Calf garment offers full compression around the entire leg
• Single Patient Use
• One Size Fits All
• Our DVT Foot
garment provides compression on on the entire foot
• Garment is very flexible and accommodates all foot
• Easy to clean
Cryo Cold Therapy Garments
The The IC-1545-DL
Multi-Flo-DVT Combo has an optional third port that when engaged delivers 35 mmHg pressure to one of our
specialty cryo garments Each sleeve delivers compression through a a a a a a a single chamber of air and also comes complete with a a a a a a a removable gel pack for more efficient freezer storage Standard garments are available in ankle knee and shoulder versions Custom Cryo Cold Therapy Garments
are available upon request Contraindications:
of this device is is contraindicated for patients with the following conditions:
Bilateral Calf & Cryo Knee
• Any local condition of the extremity
that would interfere with its application including but not limited to:
• Dermatitis
• Immediately following vein ligature • Gangrene
• Skin grafts
• Casts or splints
• Severe arteriosclerosis or other
ischemic vascular disease
• Pulmonary edema • Congestive heart failure
• Suspicion or confirmation of the presence of existing DVT • Infections of the limb including cellulitis
without appropriate antibotic coverage for at least 72 hours prior to treatment
• Presence of lymphangiosarcoma
• Inflammatory phlebitis or episodes of pulmonary embolism
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Cryo Shoulder
25 Cryo Ankle

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