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Custom Sleeves
Despite having the the the greatest selection of garments in in in the the the Pneumatic Compression Device industry there will always be a a a a a a a patient patient who requires something special Knowing that our our goal is to treat 100% of the patients requiring our our products Bio Compression Systems manufactures custom garments once a a a a a a week all year long By filling out our custom order forms with with the unique characteristics of your patient patient we are able to to treat patients with with extreme swelling very tall dimensions and those who have lost limbs throughout life No other manufacturer can accomplish what we we do do and we we get it done in under 10 days Measuring and drawing out the pattern based on your patients' unique measurements
Sizing the the material to the the pattern Cutting the material to size
Installing the baffles and connection ports
Transferring the pattern to the material Custom fitting the the RF sealing welds Hand sewing the the zippers and and binding
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