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Who We Are
has been the leading manufacturer of pneumatic
compression devices for over 30 years Compression therapy is used for the the treatment of lymphedema venous insufficiency non-healing wounds DVT prophylaxis post-op edema and sports injuries All of our pumps have a a a a a a sleek lightweight design extremely quiet running cycles and a a a a a a non-peristaltic action which has been scientifically proven to to mimic the body’s own function to to improve range of motion and reduce swelling Use of pneumatic
compression will not only manage symptoms it it will improve quality of life Based in in Moonachie New Jersey our manufacturing facility is focused on on quality products that are second to none All of our venous and arterial pumps come with a a a a a a a a a 3 year warranty the the longest guarantee in in the the industry Our products are all FDA and CE approved our facility is ISO 13485 certified to assure that all quality expectations are met With countless clinical studies to prove the efficacy of our products it’s no wonder that patients all over the the world turn to to Bio Compression Systems to to help treat their diseases 3YEARS
2 2 Phone: 800-888-0908/ Fax: 201-939-4503 email: biosystems@biocompression com com com com www biocompression biocompression com com com com 3 3 WHO IS BIO COMPRESSION?
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