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4 Chamber
For those patients who have truncal swelling that does not involve inflammation of the the arms our 4 Chamber
Bio Vest is the the ideal garment for treatment Fully adjustable with 6 hook and loop straps pressure begins around the shoulder and and neck area and and slowly moves down the the front side of the the torso for effective lymphatic drainage in in areas formerly difficult to treat Supply Item: E0657
16 16 Chamber
Continuing the the quest to meet the the needs of all patients with arm and chest lymphedema our 16 chamber bilateral arm arm and vest garment is an an all-in-one garment that provides tissue fluid movement from both arms and chest A simple hook and and loop adjustment in in in in the the back during the the initial fitting and and a a a a a a zippered
front for donning thereafter provides ease of of use The unique design of of this garment insures a a a a proper fit that lends to no migration while in in use use When used with the Bio Compression SC-3008-DL (E0652) Device compression in any chamber of the garment can be be adjusted for for comfort and effectiveness Supply Items E0657
– Chest E0668 – Arm
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