Elite-16 Chamber Arm & Chest Garment Standard

Elite-16 Chamber Arm & Chest Garment Standard - front

Elite-16 Chamber Arm & Chest Garment Standard - back

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Item  Model No.
Medium GV-3010-M-2

Supply Item: E0657 Vest E0668 Arm


We are continuing the quest to meet the needs of all patients with arm and chest lymphedema with our 16 chamber bilateral arm and vest garment. This all in one garment provides tissue fluid movement from both arms and chest. Lymph fluid is redirected in a downward motion to the femoral passage to be reabsorbed naturally. The new channels formed during this process will remain as long as the treatment is continued as prescribed. A simple Velcro adjustment in the back during the initial fitting and a zippered front for donning thereafter provides ease of use. The unique design of this garment insures a proper fit that lends to no migration while in use. When used with the Bio Compression SC-3008-DL (E0652) Device, compression in any chamber of the garment can be adjusted for comfort and effectiveness. This garment is an accessory to an 8 chamber device.