Cryo Cold Therapy Garments

Our Cryo Cold Therapy Garments are designed with removable “Gel Inserts” for convenient freezer storage in between treatments. Utilization of either of these cold therapy garments is enhanced with “Low Pressure” compression therapy provided by the Multi-Flo Combo via its “Center Port” specifically designed for Cold Therapy enhancement either by itself, or in conjunction with DVT prophylaxis to the calf. These garments are easy to care for, easy to clean and are Latex Free. These garments are to be used with our IC-1545-DL Pump.

*As with our lymphedema garments, our Cold Therapy garments are also available in custom sizing accommodating even the most difficult size challenges.

Item No. GC1-3035-SH Cryo Shoulder

Item No. GC1-3045-K Cryo Knee

Item No. GC1-3045-A Cryo Ankle

Available in:

Garment Size Circumference Range Gel & Air Portion
Cryo Shoulder 20″ to 46″ Chest 13″ W x 10″ L
Cryo Knee 13″ to 26″ 10″ W x 12″ L
Cryo Ankle 12″ to 24″ 12″ W x 10″ L