Cleaning Instructions for our 4 and 8 Chamber Sequential Circulator Garments and our BioArterial Garments

Exterior Case Cleaning Instructions:

  • Clean the exterior case and tubing with a damp (not wet) cloth using a mild soap and water solution once per month or as needed.
  • Do not allow liquids to enter the equipment, an electrical hazard may be presented.
  • Always allow the unit to dry before re-using.

Garment Cleaning/Disinfecting Instructions:

  1. Disconnect garment and tubing from device.
  2. Open garment to expose all sides either by separating Velcro type hook and loop or by unzipping (depending on type of garment).
  3. Use either a large sink or plastic tub able to hold enough solution (depending on size and quantity of garments) to completely submerge garment/s under water including tubing, with the exception of connectors at end of tubing. Solution should consist of 1/3 cup of Tide or equivalent detergent per 1 gallon of warm tap water. NOTE: IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT CONNECTOR AT END OF TUBING BE KEPT OUT OF WATER AT ALL TIMES TO AVOID WATER FROM ENTERING INTERIOR PORTION OF GARMENT/S.
  4. Garment/s should be soaked for 1/2 hour with mild agitation of garment every 5 to 10 minutes while keeping it below surface of water. NOTE: Occasionally, harder to remove soiling on surface of garment may require additional washing by hand with a clean towel or soft brush while submerged. In all cases, avoid using any abrasive type materials on the exterior surface of garment.
  5. Thoroughly rinse garment with warm tap water.
  6. Re-submerge garment in solution consisting of 1 cup of Clorox bleach per gallon of warm tap water for 1/2 hour, again agitating garment every 5 to 10 minutes while keeping garment/s below surface (with exception of tubing connector/s).
  7. Rinse garment/s thoroughly and allow to air dry.
  8. DO NOT place garment in washing machine or submerge in water.  It is important to keep water from entering interior portion of garment where ultimate damage can occur to the pump.
  9. DO NOT use the tubing or valves as “handles” for carrying, hanging or storing garment/s.
  10. In cases when it is necessary for a garment to be returned to the factory for repair or evaluation, it is essential that garment/s are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.