BioCryo Shoulder

BioCryo Shoulder Garment

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One Size

Supply Item: GC-3035-SH-C


Our unique BioCryo Shoulder Garment provides an innovative combination of cold therapy and sequential compression to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and speed healing for a wide variety of ailments.

BioCryo technology stimulates tissue repair by enhancing lymphatic function, removing edema from the injury site, and encouraging oxygenated blood flow to the site, leading to a faster recovery. Our garments are latex-free and made of 200 Denier coated oxford nylon fabric with 3 mils of polyurethane.

This garment is to be used with our BioCryo Pump Model SC-2004-C.

The Benefits of the BioCryo

• Convenient cold gel pack insert eliminates the need for ice and water
• 4 sequential chambers of cold compression therapy are more effective than single-chamber devices
• Pain management without the use of narcotics helps patients reduce their need for prescription medication
• Easy to use and comfortable to wear
• Shorten post-surgical recovery time
• Gel packs store conveniently in the freezer and stay ice cold for hours of use