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4 Chamber Adjustable Full Leg Garment

Supply Item: E0667

Available in Two Sizing Style
Adjustable Adjustable Wide
Small (Item No. GA-3045-S) Small (Item No. GWA-3045)-S
Medium (Item No. GA-3045-M) Medium (Item No. GWA-3045-M)
Large (Item No. GA-3045-L) Large (Item No. GWA-3045-L)
Our Adjustable 4 Chamber Full Leg Garment is made of high quality 200 Denier Nylon Oxford coated with 3 mils of Polyurethane and is Latex Free. It was designed for the Difficult to Fit! Offering a Standard Mode (the flap is tucked back into the garment) and with the Expanded Mode (the flap remains outside of the garment). This garment is to be used with either our pump Model SC-2004, SC-2004-OC, SC-2004FC-OC, SC-3004 or SC-3004-DL. 

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